The 7 Best Budget Gaming Monitors Under $200


What to look for in a gaming monitor? Refresh rate and screen size are important, but what about refresh rate and panel type? The truth is, there are so many things to consider when choosing the best budget gaming monitor that you could write an entire book on the subject! Luckily, we’ve already done exactly that! If you’re looking to purchase a gaming monitor this year, check out our list of the 7 best budget gaming monitors under $200! From 24-inch 1080p monitors to 27-inch 1440p monitors, there’s something on here for everyone

1) AOC G2460PF

The AOC G2460PF has gotten high praise for its price-to-performance ratio, and comes equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate and FreeSync technology. The monitor comes in at just under $200 as of writing, making it one of, if not the best budget gaming monitors available. If you’re interested in taking your gameplay to another level but are worried about having to spend a lot of money on a monitor, then don’t be. You can get amazing performance without breaking your bank account by picking up one of these gems from AOC. And let’s face it: no matter how good or bad we may feel that our gaming equipment is, everyone looks forward to spending more time playing video games than anything else (except maybe streaming). Sometimes we like things because they look cool; other times we buy something just because it’s what all our friends have. But always remember that comfort and utility is paramount when shopping around for a new gaming setup;

2) Asus VG248QE

The Asus VG248QE is a cheap 144hz monitor which has proved time and time again to be one of their best budget gaming monitors available. You get quality, you get brightness, a low input lag, G-sync capabilities (144hz) and 3D functionality. This is one of those monitors that pretty much checks all of your boxes for what makes a good gaming monitor. In fact it’s one of our favorites from 2012 when we reviewed it in our best budget gaming monitors under $200 list! Unfortunately you can no longer buy it as ASUS doesn’t offer too many products for PC gamers now – however if you can still find a used copy somewhere or second hand then go for it! The price will be well worth it I guarantee that. Another great thing about owning an older monitor such as this is that they never age either! This means you can keep using it with newer graphics cards, computers etc. And who knows? do you know we vestige?

3) BenQ ZOWIE RL2455

The best budget gaming monitor under $200, with a nice flat-screen panel and an adjustable stand. BenQ’s RL2455 is one of few budget monitors that hits 24 inches across, which means you get more screen real estate than most other models. However, if 24 inches is too big for your desk, you can turn down its contrast ratio to improve its viewing angles or opt for something smaller instead. Plus, if it isn’t already clear from its price tag—and many reviews—this model doesn’t support any type of high refresh rate technology like G-Sync or FreeSync to keep your graphics card happy while playing fast-paced games at full resolution and detail settings; instead you’ll have to make do with a modest 75Hz refresh rate max. But again, for just $140 all in, it’s hard to argue with what you get here: a solid TN display.

4) ViewSonic XG2401

The ViewSonic XG2401 is a great budget gaming monitor that’s well-suited for competitive gamers looking to get an edge. It has impressive 1ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate, and FreeSync capabilities. This 24 1080p gaming monitor even has a built-in USB hub with four ports. Read our full review on ViewSonic XG2401 here. LG 24GM79G-B: The LG 24GM79G-B isn’t as fast as other monitors on our list, but it more than makes up for it in features. Its design includes adjustable stand height, tilt, pivot and swivel functionality; meaning you can view your display from almost any angle you choose. There are also integrated speakers so you can enjoy both picture quality and sound at once. And not only does it have all of these features, but its price undercuts most similar models by quite a bit—it costs less than $170 at Amazon! If you want good image quality while still saving money then definitely consider giving LG 24GM79G-B another look before making your final decision. Check out my full review if you’re interested. ASUS VG248QE:

5) LG 24MP59G-P

The LG 24MP59G-P is a great gaming monitor for anyone who wants to play games on a budget. With its 2560×1080 resolution, speedy 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time (GTG), you’ll be able to enjoy fast action-packed games in full HD with crisp and clear picture quality. Aesthetically, it’s not much to look at with its plain black finish; however, if you just want something that plays your games well without an overpowering design aesthetic, then you’ll appreciate its minimalism. Plus, at just under $150, it’s one of our more affordable options (although there are better ones on this list if money is no object). And while most gamers may be familiar with LG as a producer of television sets, their monitors are up there with some of our favorites because they’re powerful yet still reasonably priced. Pros: * Great picture quality * Low input lag * Responsive display * Comfortable viewing angles Cons: * Relatively low max brightness level * Black uniformity could be better BOTTOM LINE:

6) Dell S2417DG

If you want a gaming monitor but don’t have much money to spend, check out the Dell S2417DG. It may not be among Dell’s best gaming monitors, but it is near top of their best budget gaming monitors. According to Display Lag, it has an impressive 1 millisecond response time and 144Hz refresh rate – which are both important factors when buying a cheap gaming monitor. It’s great for playing games like Dota 2, Over watch and CS:GO at high frame rates with very little ghosting. In addition, its color accuracy is pretty decent considering it’s an affordable monitor. To cap it all off, it also has one of the lowest input lag ratings on any 1080p monitor we’ve ever tested (see our review here). Overall, I highly recommend you consider adding this monitor to your shortlist if you’re in need of a new gaming screen. The price tag is attractive too – most online retailers sell it for around $170-190 which means that there’s hardly any chance that you’ll pay more than that. For more information about how it performs in game mode, read our full review here. Otherwise, feel free to jump over to Amazon where you can purchase it. Pros: • Incredibly good value for money • High refresh rate and fast response time • Excellent build quality • Low input lag • Good picture quality Cons:FDHNDFBNFDBNFCV

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